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I laughed a lot, I cried a lot, I vastly enjoyed myself, it was your typical romantic comedy, etc. It was interesting to me, however, that I feel like the main male character could have been read either as the Love Interest or the Sassy Gay Friend. I think the movie addresses this because the main female character mentions in passing that she's uncertain of his sexuality (I think; that's what the subtitles said, and I was in a loud room + my knowledge of contemporary slang sucks so I wasn't able to catch/understand the Chinese).

And I think most of the reason he could have been either was because this is a movie set in China, where culturally, I think guys can be more effeminate (or less macho?) and still not have their masculinity questioned? (Which I think is partly because Chinese society likes to ignore the existence of homosexuality?)

But also part of the reason is because his character is beta-male, and you will probably never see a beta male Love Interest in a Hollywood romantic comedy. In other forms of film, maybe, but not in romantic comedies. (Although granted, you won't usually see a beta male in Taiwanese/Chinese/Japanese/Korean dramas either -- those are filled with rich spoiled assholes that get Reformed By Love or something.)

And I mean, part of it is also because she doesn't actually end up with him at the end of the movie and his big declaration that He'll Be There For Her could be as much as friendship-thing as a relationship-thing (probably more a friendship-thing at that point in their relationship).

(Which by the way is another reason this romantic comedy is better than Hollywood. She gets over a bad breakup and doesn't end up with anyone because she doesn't need a man in her life to be happy -- though, I'm not actually sure that's the message the movie is explicitly trying to send -- and also because she JUST got out of a bad breakup! Any relationship at this point would be a rebound! Possibly given these facts the genre is not meant to be mainstream romantic comedy, I suppose ...)

But most of it is still the first reason, I think. The Guy did so many things and had so many mannerisms that are coded as gay/flamboyant in US society but which perfectly heterosexual people in China do, IMO, and it's not even anything sexuality-related but in the very mannerisms and manner of speech? That in the US would trigger people "gaydar" and/or have lots of people speculating about his sexuality?

Anyways, it was very interesting to me that a guy I would not typically cheer for as a Love Interest was someone I was actively shipping with the heroine by the end of the movie! Even if I did completely misinterpret the movie and he's completely homosexual with no Kinsey scale variation whatsoever (side note: I never really understood what the numbers of the Kinsey scale corresponded with until I had to look it up two weeks again to understand Nolan's comment in Revenge; for some reason I totally thought it was a scale from 1 to 10), I'd still ship him with the heroine as friends (the world does not have enough celebration-of-friendship movies --> they always end up celebrating romantic/sexual relationships more).

But of course that wasn't the point of the movie. The point of the movie was like 500 Days of Summer with the genders flipped, where the ex is more of an asshole and the main character is less of an asshole and only 33 days instead of 500 and possibly with some moral message in there about how young people get divorced too quickly these days (that subplot made me cry but I'm not sure what message they were trying to send, or even IF they were trying to send one) and with a heroine who is sometimes super-awesomesauce and sometimes less kickass (understandably; nobody can deliver cutting one-liners all hours of the day), and also with a potential Sassy Gay Friend/Love Interest.


I enjoyed this movie a lot and I recommend it! :)


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