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Title: Tentatively Titled The Present As It Came To Be
Fandom: Leverage
Rating/Pairing: PG for implied nudity, gen
Summary: Hardison was bored. Then he got busy. Now Parker and Eliot are amused.
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] lilbabiangel888

I hate you both right now. )
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Also known as Angela is delivering Xmas fanfics in March ... (I finished this one yesterday, when it was still March!)

Title: twenty pounds of crazy in a five-pound TARDIS
Fandom: Doctor Who/Leverage Crossover
Pairing/Rating: Gen, PG-13
Summary: Parker said at the very beginning that the school sounded fishy...
Author's Notes: [ profile] theladyrose asked for a meeting between Donna Noble and Parker, and what could I do but deliver?

Parker said at the very beginning that the school sounded fishy. )
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Fandom: Leverage
Title: He Kilt A Man
Pairing/Rating: Elliot/Parker/Hardison, PG-13
Summary: It all started with that blasted chair. The story of how Parker and Hardison got in Eliot's pants by getting him into a kilt.
Author's Notes: This was written for [ profile] lkwang even though she won't get a copy of it until Christmas. It also couldn't have been written without the help of the lovely [ profile] theladyrose's lovely beau. They get a cameo, of the blink-and-you'll-miss it variety. My prompt, for those curious, was Parker either w Hardison or both Hardison and Eliot featuring a kilt, clubbing, a super comfy spinny chair that doesn't cause nausea, the aforementioned cameo, and an optional secret passageway which I opted out of.

It all started with a chair. Not just any chair, though – Hardison’s chair. )
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Title: Very Rough Draft, Untitled
Fandom: Leverage
Chracters: Parker
Ratings/Warnings: G, None
Summary: Parker didn't like school.
Author's Note: This is the very rough draft. The final draft would have a lot more references to To Kill A Mockingbird (didn't have a copy to reread just to write this fic) and a lot more commentary on the themes in TKAM. Also, it would have a better ending.

Um, the matchup was Parker and Scout, but it turned into this. )
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Title: Catching Up
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing/Rating: Hardison/Parker, PG
Summary: Parker runs. Hardison chases.
Author's Notes: When I heard the "Where are you going"/"Let's see how hard you look" interchange, my brain demanded fanfic immediately. I tried to supply, but it wasn't working, and I'd given up on writing this and resigned myself to waiting for someone else to write it, except [ profile] lkwang asked and I couldn't really refuse, so ... Yeah. A few notes: I tried editing for geographical accuracy, but "I need a tall place next to a famous art museum in Italy" doesn't really cut it as a Google phrase. Also, "antiquities wing" sounds better than "Sully Wing." Also, am considering not switching tense at the end after all.

In three months, he's caught up with her three times, and never for long enough )


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