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Fandom: Frozen
Title: all my life has been a series of doors in my face / and then suddenly i bump into you
Pairing/Rating: Elsa & Hans; Mature; Check out AO3 for warnings
Summary: In a universe where the trolls failed to heal Anna as a child, Hans travels to Arendelle to witness the coronation of the new Queen Elsa and finds himself in over his head ... Love isn't the only thing that opens doors.
Link:  You can find it on AO3!

I wrote another fic!  By which I mean that five years ago when I was studying abroad & traveling throughout Europe, I kept a notebook in which I wrote, among other things, my travel itinerary and fic snippets, that I filled up on the train, in cafes when I was trying to be ~fancy and French~, and also in class when I was not paying attention to the professor.

I recently got into my head that I should start typing up some of what I wrote, and lo and behold, there was an almost complete fic!  I mean, the final thing ended up being three times longer than what I scribbled in the notebook, but the idea of the beginning-middle-end was clear enough that it didn't take long to write the rest of it.

Here is where I admit that that when initially conceived, this was supposed to be a five things fic--five dark AU-verses where Elsa and Hans ended up "together" under super fucked up dub-con/non-con-y circumstances (that would alternate femdom-y and maledom-y, with "together" varying from romantically/sexually to otherwise depending on the 'verse).  In the end, I didn't really have the writing ability to pull off the different iterations (*cough*notgoodatwritingsex*cough*), but this 'verse was the most interesting one to me anyways.  The other possibilities were fairly unoriginal, about what you would expect given the premise.  I like how this one turned out.  
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1. I don’t remember if I made an official proper I’m-not-dead-and-I-moved-to-Dreamwidth post. But I did! I still check my LJ flist once every few months to read posts by people who didn’t move over, but I’m pretty much Dreamwidth-only now.

2. With the death of fannish tumblr, I’ve started trying to be less of a lurker. I’ve been checking Dreamwidth (and LJ before that) the whole time! I’ve been reading your posts if you’re on my flist/reading page! I just ...never comment, especially in recent years, but I’m making a concerted effort to be more social (both online and IRL). But if you rec’d a book/TV show, I probably checked it out at some point. If you made a post about your life, I may even have started writing a comment and then forgot about it and left it in a tab for three weeks, and then found it, and then gave up and closed the tab without posting. But I’m trying to post more and I’m even making a post! Here! Now! This post!

3. Recently, I’ve been experiencing the transition from “fandom young” to “fandom old” pretty starkly. Not that I’m saying I’m old - more that when I first found online fandom, everyone in fandom (and especially all the BNFs) were older and wiser and I lurked and learned from people. And now I’ve been around long enough that when I follow a BNF and realize that (1) they’re younger than me, or (2) they have less knowledge of fannish history than me, it’s very eerie because the dynamic is so different. I mean, I lurk either way but the way I react to their fannish output differs wildly from before. This is all to say that when tumblr did The Thing, it was very weird for me to realize how many people on tumblr post-dated the LJ/DW glory days and didn’t automatically think of DW as the next gathering-place.

4. I wrote a fanfic for Yuletide! For the Wrinkle in Time movie, which I loved and previously posted about. This was my first Yuletide experience, but I saw beatrice_otter’s prompt and super wanted to write the fic. Partway through writing it, I realized what I really wanted was to make someone else write longfic on the same subject matter and that writing is as hard as it ever is, but I persevered!

Fandom: A Wrinkle in Time (2018)
Title: The New Normal
Pairing/Rating: Meg Murry; Calvin O’Keefe; Gen/Pre-Relationship; General Audiences
Summary: After everything that happens, it’s a week before Meg goes back to school and she just wants everything to go back to normal.
Link:You can find it on AO3!

5. I recently started working on a Nirvana in Fire fic that, once again, I realize is something I’d rather make someone else write longfic of for me. The problem is that research is hard, and trying to figure out what life was like in 500 AD China for normal people is also hard. This is like when I thought I could write a Regency romance novel (for fun and profit) because I read so many of them and immediately couldn’t handle the basics of figuring out what people did in Regency England for everyday things. (I mean ... I spent forever trying to figure out what people in Regency England wore for underwear, if a woman was likely to wear a dressing gown at nighttime around the house, if a barn in the middle of nowhere would have had addresses, how people figured out directions to addresses, what kind of directions a kidnapper might give for a dead-drop in a ransom note ... and then I just gave up because I’m bad at research and have a short attention span.). But maybe, eventually, I will post a NIF fic here where Lin Shu died during the Chiyan battle but poor Mei Changsu who was just a random peasant who can see ghosts starts getting haunted by Lin Shu’s ghost until he agrees to help Lin Shu carry out his massive sprawling complicated revenge.

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And I have fic!  For a fandom so dead it doesn't even get nominated for Yuletide anymore, haha.  (But apparently there are new-to-me LBD fics up at AO3, so I'm definitely checking them out.)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries consumed my life for the space of a year, and I still maintain that it is the best, highest-quality literary webseries.  It definitely kickstarted a literary webseries craze that I think has since wound down (though I haven't checked out many of them just because so many of them didn't measure up - though that reminds me, I should catch up with Carmilla at some point).  This is not even close to my love letter to the LBD series - one day I really will get around to writing the Epic Mrs. Bennet Backstory that I've been meaning to research/write for ages.  But this is something that I've been planning on writing for a while.  I created the Google Doc in April 2016 (and conceptualized it even earlier) and now, 3 years later, after ignoring it for years at a time, I've finally finished!

Fandom:  Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Title:  best served piping hot, or a sunny sea crossing
Pairing/Rating:  Caroline Lee; George Wickham; Gen; Teen and Up Audiences
Summary:  Caroline Lee is minding her own business, living her life, when George Wickham approaches with a proposal she can't quite refuse ...
LinkYou can find it on AO3!

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Haha, the first post I make in an eon, and it's about A Wrinkle in Time.  This and Ocean's 8 were/are my most-anticipated movies of 2018!  Probably my most-anticipated movies of last year as well!  While I was definitely going to see both Wonder Woman and Black Panther in theaters, and both movies blew me away, and while I did look forward to other movies (like Star Wars and Pitch Perfect 3) and otherwise enjoy other movies in theaters (Thor Ragnarok), I repeat-watched the Wrinkle In Time & Ocean's 8 trailers so many times because those two movies in particular were ones I have been hyped about at every stage.

And A Wrinkle in Time was SO GOOD!!!!!

I got my MoviePass in the mail last week but didn't have a chance to use it until last night, for the first time, since I got off work early and my friends were busy and I figured I'd test out my MoviePass for the first time at the movie theater I pass by on the bus from work to home, and it was an A+ decision!

Spoilers ahoy! )
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I wrote a fic for a movie that nobody has seen, for a pairing nobody cares about!

Fandom: Final Girl (2015)
Title: Devil and the Duchess
Pairing/Rating: General Audiences; Gen (Pre-Femmeslash)
Summary: After Shane's funeral, Jennifer goes to the diner, only to see a familiar face ...
You can find it on AO3!  Much thanks to [personal profile] darklightluna for the beta!

The Explanation For Why I Did This When Nobody Has Asked For It:

So a few months ago, I watched Final Girl (2015), which ... I'm not a movie critic or anything, but I'm going to go ahead and say that it is not a good movie. If I were to put into words why it is not a good movie, I would probably describe it as a female empowerment fantasy written by dudes for dudes.

If you weren't aware (and don't care about spoilers), the premise of the movie is that these high school boys have just been straight up serial-killing lots of girls in the woods by bringing them out into the woods for a "date" and then hunting them. Our protagonist (Veronica) is a blonde girl who fits into the boys' victim profile but who is actually a sociopath who has been trained by some guy since the age of 6 to take down these high school boys (or similar guys who are similarly targeting girls? it's never really explained). There are a lot of dramatic scenes of her running through the dark woods in a red dress, and then a lot of violent scenes of them trying to chop off her head with an axe and her chopping off their head with an axe. Or something like that. It's been a while since I saw the movie.

There are a lot of reasons why I feel it is obvious that the movie was written, directed, and filmed by dudes, from the way the plot plays out, to how the main character (Veronica) is shot/framed, to the fact that they tried to include this super weird and uncomfortable romance between her and the man who has literally been training her since she was 6 (because his wife and daughter had been killed at some point by someone, no further details, but in any case he is old enough to be her father and has raised her since she was a child).

Anyways, the ONLY redeeming feature in this entire film is a conversation between our main character (Veronica) and the girlfriend of one of the high school serial killers (Jennifer). In this conversation, Veronica is basically trying get intel on these people she will be killing later on, and Jennifer is just generally expressing concern about her boyfriend (who she doesn't know is a serial killer but who she slowly suspects of being a little too eerie). This is the only conversation between any two women in this film, and of course it doesn't pass the Bechdel test because both girls' love interests are discussed, but there is a moment when Veronica urges Jennifer to leave town and follow her dreams where I looked at the screen and thought to myself, This movie would be so much more interesting if Jennifer were Veronica's love interest.

And then I started shipping them, based on this 30-second conversation.  I mean, Jennifer has been dating a serial killer for like 6 years!  What harm is it if she dates another serial killer, only this one is more moral and only serial-kills serial killers!  They could be Murder Girlfriends!  They could road-trip across America, taking out serial killers, serial rapists and misogynist pricks, one after the other!  It would be fantastic!

Unfortunately, I don't have the skill to write the absurdist adventures of Team Murder Girlfriends, nor am I good enough to write the Actual Proper Femmeslash I really wanted to, but I wrote this instead!  And that is the story of how I came to write the fic that nobody asked for and probably nobody will read ...
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I don't actually think the new terms of service are necessarily concerning (the fact that the Russian language TOS controls is not a problem in and of itself; in any legal document, one language has to control; I'd have to look at the actual Russian laws cited to form a real opinion though and I'm too lazy to do so) but everyone seems to be jumping ship so I guess this means I have to dust off my Dreamwidth account.  I've been doing baby steps - today, I finished adding everyone on Dreamwidth who (1) is a mutual friend here and (2) has a username on Dreamwidth that is identical to Livejournal.  If you have a different name on Dreamwidth and I haven't added you, let me know!  I guess next steps will be adding everyone else I want to follow, importing my journal and then figuring out crossposting at some point ...

TL;DR: If I haven't added you on Dreamwidth yet, let me know your username in the comments!
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I will keep this short because most of my thoughts on reread are not particular insightful.
Spoilers Through The Hanging Tree )
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I'm not dead! And I haven't left Livejournal yet, I'm still checking my flist religiously, I promise, even if I'm entirely lurking.

At some point, I'm probably going to need to log into my Dreamwidth account for the first time in ages and figure out who everyone is on Dreamwidth and how to add them since it seems like people who held out on LJ through everything else have been evacuating one by one. I'm a pro at procrastinating, though, so I'll do that later ...

So anyways, I've vaguely formed a New Year's Resolution (formed in February, so let's call it a CNY Resolution) that since I read an awful lot of books (I read over 400 last year!), I should really write up reviews of them, especially the ones I like, especially since a good 60-70% of my reading list comes from recommendations from others. (If you write up book recs on your LJ, I add them to my list of books to read!) (I especially keep on meaning to write up reviews for the books I read for the #WOCinRomanceBookClub since I SUPER SUPER LOVED some of them.) Unfortunately, I'm a pro at procrastinating, so this hasn't happened yet, but since I recently read The Hanging Tree and then read some snatches of meta on tumblr, I've started a reread of all the Rivers of London books and have ~thoughts~ and figured what better way to jumpstart my attempt to write more reviews (I think I'm going to try to write 12 reviews this year, averaging one a month) by doing a thoughtdump on my reread.

My Thoughts On Rereading Midnight Riot, Spoilers Through The Hanging Tree )
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While I am aware that I am far from an active poster in livejournal, I am still here!  I have not abandoned LJ for tumblr, I promise! And I still check my flist everyday! And, apparently, sometimes I get enough inspiration to finish the fic snippets I started years and years ago. Even though law school sucked all my fic-writing inspiration out of me, I have finally regained enough to complete the below offering!

Fandom: Iron Man/Good Omens
Title: il n'y a de nouveau que ce qui est oublié
Characters/Rating: Pepper Potts, Adam Young, G
Summary: Before she was Pepper Potts, her name was Virginia. And before she was Virginia, she lived in Lower Tadfield.

Read it here.  It's posted to AO3 and not duplicated below because it already took me way too long to do a half-assed job checking my formatting there; I didn't want to do it all over again.  Thanks very much to [ profile] darklightluna for the beta!
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Wow, I haven't posted in a while ...

Anyways, tonight, I rewatched the two Big Block of Cheese episodes and was reminded of who much I love The West Wing, despite all the times I may have shouted objections at the screen on any number of things.

Spoilers )
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I have been catching up with Skip Beat (Heel fakecest sexytimes ahoy) and rereading old Skip Beat fanfic, and now I have a craving for Ren/Kyoko/Moko threesome and/or OT3 fic, but of course it would be Ren/Kyoko and Kyoko/Moko, so maybe it would be more of an OTV? Either way, I feel like Skip Beat fandom is probably too small for me to ever get this ... :(
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Wow, I haven't updated in ages ... I promise, I still read my flist religiously, I guess I'm just too lurker-y to actually comment most of the time, and don't have interesting enough things to say to post ...

However, that has changed! Recently I have read a lot, because I have had much time on my hands and also a library card for checking out physical books and sneakily TWO library cards for checking out ebooks.

Most of what I have read is a large quantity of mediocre-to-terrible romance novels. I started following Victoria Dahl on tumblr, and because she is interesting, I checked out everything she has at my local library. I was quickly reminded of the fact that I cannot abide contemporary romance novels. I like historical romance novels (and paranormal/fantasy romances, for much the same reason) because the romantic leads face obstacles to their romance that I have find believably insurmountable. Contemporary romance novels, on the other hand - generally speaking, most of the leads' problems would be solved if they just talked to each other and/or stopped making stupid decision, so I have less patience for them. Which is to say that I enjoyed Victoria Dahl's historical romances (though not as much as Courtney Milan's), but my library mostly only had her contemporaries, which were not my cup of tea.

I also completely caught up on Michelle Sagara West's Chronicles of Elantra series, and have determined that as usual, I OTP Kaylin/Severn, I despise Nightshade (if Kaylin ends up with Nightshade in a later book I may very well throw the book against the wall and never pick up the series again), and I am pleasantly surprised by the increasing numbers of female/female friendships and conversations. The books have the same flaws as they do in earlier books (I'm not a huge fan of the hyperbolic literalisms in the writing; I made up that term just now and am not certain that it's a real thing but basically I'm a bit tired of "Kaylin was afraid Sergeant Marcus would rip her throat out because he's a Leontine and Leontines often do that; no really"), but they also have the same strengths as they do in earlier books (I love Kaylin, I like Severn, and even if the plots never make any sense to me, they keep me on the edge of my seat and satisfy my id and that is all I ask of a book).

As a side note: I'm 99% sure that Kaylin is supposed to be a woman of color. I'm not good at picking up race cues from books, so I base this in large part on the fact that the woman on the cover of the Elantra books doesn't look white to me. I think there might also be textual evidence as well; I may look for this on a later reread.

And now, finally! An actual review!

I finished reading Tamora Pierce's newest book, Battle Magic, today! )
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It's tragic when you read through your old WIPs and get really caught up and then suddenly it ends on a cliffhanger and you want to know what happens next but you didn't write any more.
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Okay, so ... ages ago, when Ensign Sue Must Die first came out, I read and greatly enjoyed the comic, and had it recommended to me more than once. It was short, clever, and cute.

I recently learned that there is a sequel up called Ensign Two: Wrath of Sue. I read through what's up right now, and I gather that Kirk, Spock, the Doctor, and Sherlock travel through multiple dimensions and will (at some point?) capture different Mary Sues in different universe via Pokeballs.

While I understand that this set-up is to maximize the different universes and jokes the webcomic creators can use, I ... feel like there is an interesting (read: unfortunate) implication underlying the fact that the writers/artists are choosing to have four male characters travel through multiple universes to systematically eliminate all the female characters*, when it's likely that Mary Sues were originally written in fandoms like Star Trek precisely because there were so few female characters on the show -- writers wanted to add in more female characters that were like themselves.**

There's still a lot of potential for the webcomic creators to not fail on this front (especially since there are only 7 pages out, and they haven't even started on their dimension-hopping adventures yet), but ... yeah.***

*While Uhura showed up in Ensign Sue Must Die, neither she nor any other non-Sue female character has showed up in Ensign Two.

**Okay, I entirely made up this origin but it's plausible. If Mary Sues originated in Star Trek fandom (well, the term did, at least), Star Trek does tend to be characterized by a "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor" vibe, and I can easily see how female fans wanted more people like themselves on the show, and so would write fanfics featuring author avatars -- because it was the closest they would get.

***It's really late at night, and I have to wake up early tomorrow, so "But ... yeah" is about as eloquent as I'm going to get.
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So I have intermittently attempted to write "review" posts (more like love letters) where I gush about my favorite books of all time. It is impossible for me to talk about favorite books, however, without talking about one of my first favorite books: Anne of Green Gables.

My Childhood )


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