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While I am aware that I am far from an active poster in livejournal, I am still here!  I have not abandoned LJ for tumblr, I promise! And I still check my flist everyday! And, apparently, sometimes I get enough inspiration to finish the fic snippets I started years and years ago. Even though law school sucked all my fic-writing inspiration out of me, I have finally regained enough to complete the below offering!

Fandom: Iron Man/Good Omens
Title: il n'y a de nouveau que ce qui est oublié
Characters/Rating: Pepper Potts, Adam Young, G
Summary: Before she was Pepper Potts, her name was Virginia. And before she was Virginia, she lived in Lower Tadfield.

Read it here.  It's posted to AO3 and not duplicated below because it already took me way too long to do a half-assed job checking my formatting there; I didn't want to do it all over again.  Thanks very much to [ profile] darklightluna for the beta!
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Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Title: Untitled
Pairing/Rating: Laura Roslin/Lee Adama, PG-13
Summary: Laura Roslin liked to look, but knew better than to touch.

She knew better, of course. Dependable allies were few and far between; it would be wasteful to risk one just to satisfy her curiosity.

So if she admired the cut of the Captain's uniform and the way it fit him, or the puppy-dog eagerness to please in his eyes, or the way he so dearly believed in his principles with all the innocence of youth, she only ever betrayed herself with the occasional speculative smile.

(She did wonder sometimes if anyone else could tell that addressing him as "Captain Apollo" always reminded her of the Coltan God's legendary sexual prowess.)
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Fandom: Vorkosiverse
Title: Barrayaran Maiden
Pairing/Rating: Cordelia/Aral, NC-17 (no warnings)
Prompt: Cordelia/Aral, Barrayaran sex. Cordelia/Aral: "playing" by the rules of Barrayaran sex

Barrayaran Maiden )
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Not sure what the policy is on how long you wait before de-anoning kinkmeme fills but I'm too excited about my FIRST anonkinkmeme fill ever to hold off, so here.

Fandom: Vorkosiverse
Title: Enjoying the Opera
Characters/Rating: Alys Vorpatril, PG-13/R
Prompt: Simon Illyan/Alys Vorpatril, (semi) public sex. Alys Vorpatril is as proper as it gets. But just like Negri sometimes permitted himself a private judgment, she embraces impropriety, on occasion.
Summary: Lady Alys Vorpatril enjoys the opera for many reasons.

Enjoying the Opera )
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Chapter 10:

Please see Chapter 1 for the Summary, Author's Notes, additional details, etc.

Chapter 10 )
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Chapter 9:

Please see Chapter 1 for the Summary, Author's Notes, additional details, etc.

Chapter 9 )
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Chapter 8:

Please see Chapter 1 for the Summary, Author's Notes, additional details, etc.

Additional Note: I recognize that there's not enough research/planning in some part of this. (Specifically the heist scene ...) It will get fixed on the next edit, hopefully.

Chapter 8 )
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Chapter 7:

Please see Chapter 1 for the Summary, Author's Notes, additional details, etc.

Chapter 7 )
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Uh, so this is part of that Sherlock fic I'm not actually writing.

Which, I'm not writing it. This is all that will ever get written.

slightly NSFW, maybe? )
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I had all sorts of awesome ideas when I first started writing fanfic. Or at least, I thought they were awesome at the time ...

I really don't think I knew where I was going with this; I just wanted Usagi being secretly super awesome )
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I'm cleaning out my Abandoned WiPs and officially labeling them all as such on a different folder on my laptop, so they all get dumped here.

Here, have an ancient (started 6-ish years ago?) unfinished Jackie Chan Adventures/Incredibles crossover ficlet, in which Jade is a blatant self-insert (like, my idealized self), plus the fizzled attempt at rewriting it. (Note: no less a self-insert in the three paragraphs of rewrite)

Please keep in mind that this was written way back when my only exposure to clubbing was the Daughters of the Moon YA series. )
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Then I remember: this is my journal, my space, and I can do what I want with it.

So without further ado ... have a Star Trek Mary Sue fic!

Fandom: Star Trek (2009)
Title: Lieutenant Mary Sue Teaches Captain Kirk A Lesson
Rating/Pairing: Gen, G
Summary: Lieutenant Mary Sue comes on aboard the Starship Enterprise to teach Captain Kirk a lesson. Warning: This is a Mary Sue.
Author's Note: Please note two things. One: I know next to nothing about the Star Trek universe aside from what I have gleamed from fanfic. Two: Despite the humorous summary, this is NOT a parody. It is a for-real legitimate Mary Sue, only I have decided to warn EVERYONE of this, and thus NAMED her Mary Sue. If I were a better writer, this would be a subtle character piece instead of a Mary Sue fic, but I am lazy, and also it was more fun this way. What is fanfic for but self-indulgence?

Her mother named her Mary for the Magdalene and Susan for the suffragette. )
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Fandom: Naruto
Title: Kunoichi
Rating: PG-13 for discussing sex but not describing it
Summary: Kunoichi does not mean female ninja. This is a common misconception.
Author's Notes: I don't know Japanese. This possibly affects this fic. I am not sure. If you have any thoughts, I welcome feedback.

Kunoichi does not mean female ninja. )
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Chapter 6:

Please see Chapter 1 for the Summary, Author's Notes, additional details, etc.

Chapter 6 )
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Title: Three Conversations Over Breakfast
Fandom: Vorkosiverse
Rating/Characters: PG-13, Rian Degtiar, Fletchir Giaja
Warnings: Implied dubcon.
Summary: The Emperor and Empress (or at least, one of the Empresses) of Cetaganda have three conversations over breakfast about a mutual acquaintance.
Author's Note: Written for Катана сан's Winterfair prompt Fletchir Giaja and a haut-lady keep track of Miles's career. Humor desired. I'm sorry it didn't end up actually being humor! It was humor in my head, but when I started writing, it ended up ... not really funny anymore.

A month after she takes possession of the Star Creche as the newest Empress of Cetaganda, the Emperor summons her to breakfast. )
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Chapter 5:

Please see Chapter 1 for the Summary, Author's Notes, additional details, etc.

Please note that in Chinese, the term for Patriarch and Matriarch is the same, i.e. Liang Family Matriarch and Liang Family Patriarch are both "梁家族长".

Chapter 5 )

Last Part

Jan. 8th, 2011 01:01 pm
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Title: Tentatively Titled The Future That Will One Day Be
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating/Pairing: PG for implied nudity, pre-Lily/James
Summary: Lily is not amused.
Author's Notes: Last part of [ profile] lilbabiangel888's gift.

Just you wait )
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Title: Tentatively Titled The Present As It Came To Be
Fandom: Leverage
Rating/Pairing: PG for implied nudity, gen
Summary: Hardison was bored. Then he got busy. Now Parker and Eliot are amused.
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] lilbabiangel888

I hate you both right now. )


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