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Dear Circle of Magic fandom

Next year, Tamora Pierce is coming out with her Tris-in-Lightsbridge book. That gives you a year (probably more) to produce as many Tris-at-Lightsbridge fanfics as you can before being invalidated by canon (is this the right context for using the phrase "Joss'd" or is that reserved for when something terrible happens in canon, thus invalidating your fanfic?) and no longer as entertaining to me. Why are you not producing as many as you can right now? I mean, seriously. Undercover Tris at Lightsbridge is the ULTIMATE perfect fanfiction plot. You get all sorts of wish fulfillment with her secret identity, secretly being powerful, and secretly being badass. That is like the fanfiction plot that fangirls dream of reading. I know that this is certainly the kind of plot I have dreamt of reading all my life.

And there is so much POTENTIAL for fic there. You could write REALLY AWESOME Tris at Lightsbridge fanfic. I should know. I have read quite a few of them. But why is there not MORE? Do you not understand that after Tamora Pierce's book comes out, I will (most likely, not guaranteed) consider that book and its amazingness to be superior to any fanfic that ignores canon. (Fanfic that doesn't ignore canon would still be worshiped, of course.)

This is all to say that I have COMBED the Internet, and there is a TRAGIC SHORTAGE of Tris at Lightsbridge fic, and by tragic shortage I mean that I started out in the biggest of fandoms, Sailor Moon and Harry Potter, and I am forever spoilt by their large quantities of fanfic and will never be able to completely reconcile myself to the fact that small fandoms just don't have the same output. So while Harry Potter fanfic has at least a million Marriage Law fanfics, a smaller fandom just won't have the same quantity of fic for ever possibly plot. I mean, I have read every single Tris fanfic on AO3, every single fanfic with "Lightsbridge" in its summary on, and every fanfic that turned up on a Google search of "Tris Lightsbridge fanfic." I think I can safely say that I have read EVERY SINGLE Tris at Lightsbridge fanfic, and reread all the ones I'd read before, and I still haven't satisfied my craving.

This is like when I turned to Inception for some id-satisfying ~Mary Sue Ariadne Is Special~ fanfic where she is an archaeology student by day, a criminal mastermind by night, and completely revolutionizes the dreamsharing industry with her canonical Extra Special Architect-y powers and instead I found scads of Arthur/Eames fanfic that didn't mention Ariadne at all. I'm sorry, but if you're going to tag a character on AO3, I'd appreciate if she says more than one line. Also Inception fandom has apparently trained me such that I cannot read Arthur or Eames paired with anyone else (except possibly with an original character for novelty's sake, or in an OT3 with a third character) without finding it wildly OOC.

This is like the time I desperately searched for Summers at Castle Auburn fanfic and found NOTHING. (And subsequently had to write my own, which was NOT at satisfying AT ALL. I haven't been able to and/or been inspired to and/or had time to finish a fanfic in eons, so that is not a solution that would apply here, especially as I have more than one failed Tris-in-Lightsbridge fic in my metaphorical WIP folder.)

Digression aside, you are on notice, fandom, for not heeding my whims.

A Fan With A Serious Sense of Entitlement
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