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Well that was certainly fun to watch! <3

No, I'm not talking about the Doctor Who Season Finale (which I'm watching tomorrow night at a Doctor Who themed bar --- SO EXCITED! <3 New York and Doctor Who themed bars with TARDISes in them!). I'm talking about Reign of Assassins (剑雨).

This move has been top of my to-watch list for a while now, and it was well worth the wait. You can watch the trailer here.

First of all, I appreciate that the translators tried to put a pun in the title. Reign --> Rain (as the Chinese title translates more to Rain of Swords or something, and is probably a reference to the main character Drizzle's name).

Second of all, I appreciate the way Michelle Yeoh really sold her character. As did the actress who played Turquoise, who somehow managed to convey how mentally disturbed she was in her very first introductory scene without even speaking a word. <3

Third of all, I appreciate how this plot was basically DESIGNED to cater to my id. My absolute FAVORITE plot is people with secrets, and secretly being awesome. Drizzle is ALL of that. She has a secret past, secret awesome sword skills, secret gold, secret secrets ... and also very good taste in guys, I do have to say.

I mean, her first ex-boyfriend was super-smart (I mean ... he basically decoded her martial arts skills for her so she could defeat the bad guy and was like, now I will sacrifice my life so you can achieve enlightenment and be a better person), and I'm sorry, but I'm a HUGE sucker for that stone bridge metaphor. I have to admit, I teared up at that point in the story.

(I also admire how the show really turned that metaphor around and made is opposite super-creepy with the Wheel Master guy.)

And then her husband is also secretly super awesome. Granted, he has potentially been tricking her all along (I do have to wonder if he knew all along or if he figured it out eventually ... I mean, the movie indicates that he knew all along but I wonder if he was bluffing that part just the tiniest bit) and hates her for killing his father and really wants to avenge his father's death by killing her but ... secretly awesome! Apparently I will forgive anyone anything for being secretly awesome. My goal in life is to be secretly awesome, but alas, I do not have enough humility to pull off the secretly part or enough awesomeness to pull off the awesome part.

But I digress. The point is, when he laid her down on the bed and my friends and I debated whether or not he was going to be secretly awesome, and then he opened all the shutters in the EXACT SAME WAY she did earlier in the show ...

Well I may or may not have squealed in excitement.

The whole reveal about who he was wasn't that shocking, to be honest, because the whole prologue had way too many words for me to actually pay attention, so we kept on going, "Huh? What's going on? Who is he again?" and doing our best to recall the beginning that we'd mostly talked through and hadn't paid attention to. Also, apparently I can find flying martial artists totally normal but have difficulty believing in 1.) ancient Chinese plastic surgery or 2.) people being born with all their organs located on the opposite side of their body.

We rewatched the beginning after the end of the movie, though, and a lot of things made more sense.

But oh ... I'm so glad the movie persisted in movie logic that being stabbed a bazillion times shouldn't keep you from death, and that they get their happy ending after all. I wanted to draw hearts around them.

I now want lots of fanfic, especially Wisdom/Drizzle/Renfang OT3 (which is sadly impossible continuity-wise) because why can't she have BOTH?

I also did really appreciate that even though the movie showed us her husband being super-awesome, it didn't take away from her awesomeness. The movie still ended as being ENTIRELY about her awesomeness, which just manged to convert her husband by sheer force of her awesomeness.

Also I just realized the reason the other assassin (Turquoise) looked so familiar is because she is Meteor Garden's Shan Cai, which has me SO boggling because I don't think she's ever been in a period Chinese drama before. This is so different from everything else I've seen her in before (Mars & Meteor Garden), and this totally explained why her Chinese sounded so weird every time she spoke.

OMG and the husband was The Good in The Good, The Bad, and The Weird! <33333333 No wonder I was instantly fond of him! But then ... I guess his voice was dubbed? Or else he's just perfectly fluent in Chinese?

Anyways, I would watch this movie again and in fact am already planning on converting people to loving it.
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