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2014-12-12 11:38 pm
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Rewatched the Big Block of Cheese episodes

Wow, I haven't posted in a while ...

Anyways, tonight, I rewatched the two Big Block of Cheese episodes and was reminded of who much I love The West Wing, despite all the times I may have shouted objections at the screen on any number of things.

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2013-11-15 12:08 am
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An update, mostly revolving around books

Wow, I haven't updated in ages ... I promise, I still read my flist religiously, I guess I'm just too lurker-y to actually comment most of the time, and don't have interesting enough things to say to post ...

However, that has changed! Recently I have read a lot, because I have had much time on my hands and also a library card for checking out physical books and sneakily TWO library cards for checking out ebooks.

Most of what I have read is a large quantity of mediocre-to-terrible romance novels. I started following Victoria Dahl on tumblr, and because she is interesting, I checked out everything she has at my local library. I was quickly reminded of the fact that I cannot abide contemporary romance novels. I like historical romance novels (and paranormal/fantasy romances, for much the same reason) because the romantic leads face obstacles to their romance that I have find believably insurmountable. Contemporary romance novels, on the other hand - generally speaking, most of the leads' problems would be solved if they just talked to each other and/or stopped making stupid decision, so I have less patience for them. Which is to say that I enjoyed Victoria Dahl's historical romances (though not as much as Courtney Milan's), but my library mostly only had her contemporaries, which were not my cup of tea.

I also completely caught up on Michelle Sagara West's Chronicles of Elantra series, and have determined that as usual, I OTP Kaylin/Severn, I despise Nightshade (if Kaylin ends up with Nightshade in a later book I may very well throw the book against the wall and never pick up the series again), and I am pleasantly surprised by the increasing numbers of female/female friendships and conversations. The books have the same flaws as they do in earlier books (I'm not a huge fan of the hyperbolic literalisms in the writing; I made up that term just now and am not certain that it's a real thing but basically I'm a bit tired of "Kaylin was afraid Sergeant Marcus would rip her throat out because he's a Leontine and Leontines often do that; no really"), but they also have the same strengths as they do in earlier books (I love Kaylin, I like Severn, and even if the plots never make any sense to me, they keep me on the edge of my seat and satisfy my id and that is all I ask of a book).

As a side note: I'm 99% sure that Kaylin is supposed to be a woman of color. I'm not good at picking up race cues from books, so I base this in large part on the fact that the woman on the cover of the Elantra books doesn't look white to me. I think there might also be textual evidence as well; I may look for this on a later reread.

And now, finally! An actual review!

I finished reading Tamora Pierce's newest book, Battle Magic, today! )
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2013-02-02 01:36 am
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Anne of Green Gables, by L. M. Montgomery

So I have intermittently attempted to write "review" posts (more like love letters) where I gush about my favorite books of all time. It is impossible for me to talk about favorite books, however, without talking about one of my first favorite books: Anne of Green Gables.

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2012-12-07 08:45 pm
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Captain Vorpatril's Alliance

Finally checked it out from the library yesterday, finished reading it today, and now I have thoughts.

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2011-12-26 06:45 pm
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Just finished reading Tamora Pierce's Mastiff ...

Cut for spoilers for all Tortall books; also spoilers for Dawn Cook's Decoy Princess/Princess at Sea duology )

I also finished reading Terry Pratchett's Snuff recently. Loved it (I always love Vimes books, much like I always love Witches books) but it's not going to make my list of favorites, I don't think.
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2011-11-13 08:33 pm
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Why can't I have Timeless now?

Finally got my hands on and devoured Heartless by Gail Carriger (even though I should have spent all weekend outlining for finals!), and absolutely LOVED it even if SPOILERS! )
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2011-10-02 01:05 am
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Well that was certainly fun to watch! <3

No, I'm not talking about the Doctor Who Season Finale (which I'm watching tomorrow night at a Doctor Who themed bar --- SO EXCITED! <3 New York and Doctor Who themed bars with TARDISes in them!). I'm talking about Reign of Assassins (剑雨).

This move has been top of my to-watch list for a while now, and it was well worth the wait. You can watch the trailer here.

I love this movie SO much! 'ware spoilers 'neath the cut! )
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2011-09-06 09:08 pm
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Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame (狄仁杰之通天帝国)

On Monday, I had the opportunity to pay an outrageous sum of money (back home the movies are $5 matinee; here, they're $13.50) to watch Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame, and I had a lovely time! I put this on my to-watch list a long time ago and when I saw a poster in the subway, I knew that I needed to go see it as a last hurrah before law school swamped me.

I have no coherent thoughts, only non-sequiturs. Also, spoilers. )
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2011-06-04 03:12 am
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Memory, by Lois McMaster Bujold

I love all of the Vorkosigan series (well, I like all of them, and I love most of them, but Mirror Dance tends to make me frustrated and Vor Game makes me want to beat Gregor over the head and I never actually made it through Falling Free), but Memory is without a doubt my absolute favorite book in the series. As mentioned previously, it is one of the few books I carry around with me at all times, and I am considering buying another copy when I have a real job and make real money, because my current copy is going to fall apart at some point and I need a backup.

Oh, Memory, how do I love thee, let me count the ways ... Miles, Miles, Miles )

Please recognize that I just summarized like 2/3 of all the scenes from this book from memory. I have the book within arms' reach, but as simply too lazy to factcheck my statements, so if I've gotten something wrong, please let me know!
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2011-05-05 01:06 am
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Summers at Castle Auburn, by Sharon Shinn

I'm going to attempt a series of Book posts about my favorite books. I had an Introduction up a few weeks ago, talking about why I love to read (I think), and now I'm going to talk about individual books that I love. This is the first one!

So ...If I am going somewhere for longer than two or three weeks, I will bring a book. (Okay, sometimes if I go somewhere for longer than a few hours, I will also bring a book, but I'm talking traveling.) I upsize or downsize the number of books I bring depending on how long I'll be gone, how long the plane flight or car/bus ride is, and whether I'll be charged for excess weight of checked luggage.

Generally, speaking, I will always bring AT LEAST the following books:

Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn
Memory by Lois McMaster Bujold
and ONE Terry Pratchett book (either a Witches book or a Watch book, pref. one of each; specifically Night Watch, Fifth Elephant, Thud!, Witches Abroad, and/or Lords and Ladies)

Of these, my absolute favorite in terms of plot is: <i>Summers at Castle Auburn</i> by Sharon Shinn; 'ware SPOILERS )And that's why this book is my ultimate go-to comfort read, and I'm sad there's not more fanfic.
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2011-03-18 12:59 am
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I'm just filled with all sorts of useless chatter these days ...

So I finished watching Keizoku 2: SPEC recently. Cut for massive, MASSIVE spoilers. Do not click until you've finished the whole thing! )

In other news, I was thinking today ...

In my many years reading fanfic, I have come across:

1. A Sailor Moon AU fanfic/fusion with Meteor Garden (Okay, technically, it was probably Hana Yori Dango), where Usagi was Makino and Mamoru was Domyouji.
2. A Sailor Moon AU fanfic/fusion with 环珠格格 (Princess Returning Pearl) where Usagi was 小燕子 (understandably) and Mamoru was ... uh ... the Emperor. Which is kind of weird, but I'm sure they would have changed the plot enough that it wasn't vaguely incestuous.
3. A Harry Potter AU fanfic/fusion with 射雕英雄传 (Legend of the Condor Heroes) where Godric Gryffindor was Guo Jing and Salazar Slytherin was Yang Kang.

None of them were well-written, per se, but it warmed my heart to see references to canons generally little-known in English-speaking fandom. (At least, 2 and 3 are. Number 1 I read before I even watched Meteor Garden, much less before I read Hana Yori Dango.)

(And we just won't speak of my failed attempt to write a Harry Potter AU fanfic set in Qing Dynasty China ...)
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2010-11-27 07:47 pm
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Graceling, by Kristin Cashore and Fire, by Kristin Cashore, but more Fire than Graceling

I read these books a while ago, and I've checked them out from the library a few times since because I liked them so much. Upon rereading them recently, I've decided to type out my thoughts, because I'm probably not going to have anyone to say these things to because most of my friends are too old for YA. This is not a review, so much of a list of the things that I liked.

Spoilers Abound! )