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I recently (whereby recently means within the last month, which is about how long this post has been open in a tab on my laptop) had the opportunity to watch Yankee-kun to Megane-chan the drama and read the manga (at least everything I could find scanlated).

There was some confusion at first because I got this manga's plot confused with Koukou Debut, but that was quickly resolved.

In short, the plot of this is designed for my id, and was in fact designed specifically for me! The story is about a bespectacled class president who is weird and dorky and socially awkward who is SECRETLY BADASS. (In case you were wondering, I wear glasses and am weird and dorky and possibly socially awkward depending on whether you catch me at a good time or not and I WISH I were SECRETLY BADASS.)

Okay possibly the synopses will tell you that the main character is some Yankee boy, but I do not know what they are talking about, as the main character is clearly the girl who SECRETLY has a history of being a DELINQUENT and as a result she can kick ANYBODY's ass, ANYWHERE, as long as she takes off her glasses in a suitably Yankumi-esque sequence.

I loved that Hana was indisputably the best fighter always, and I loved that she was Hurricane Ada and I loved her earnestness throughout, and I loved that she looks like a totally different person without her glasses/braids (and I find it HILARIOUS that Daichi doesn't know who he has a crush on, though I don't buy that he never takes a closer look any of the number of times she takes off her glasses and kicks someone's ass). Like the drama impressed me with how it did her different-looking-ness.

I loved the drama and I loved the manga, and I only have a few gripes about each and so here they are.

1. Dear Drama, I understand that you're going for "Daichi needs to go against expectations and try to take over the family business" but ... uh, guess what? "Daughter doesn't inherit family business, and in fact the father relies on the son to do so" is not a subversion of anything, it's not proving anything, it's ... how the world was for a very long time and still is in some places and so I was NOT pleased.

2. Dear Drama, I am Not Pleased with how you tried to make the last two episodes all about "Daichi and Izumi sacrifice themselves to save Hana" making it so the the girl who can kick anybody's ass and doesn't need to be rescued still ends up as a damsel in distress that relies on them I was actually pretty pissed. Fortunately, you ended with a spectacular scene where Hana kicked everyone's ass, so I forgive you.

3. Dear Manga, I do not like how despite Hana being the Class President, you had and still have this weird vibe going on where somehow, everything amazing is because of Daichi? Like the implication from the old class president that Daichi was going to be the one running the show, and the hints throughout that Daichi is the real reason the Student Council is successful? I understand that Daichi is possibly the titular main character and it is mostly his POV, but I feel like this vastly undervalues all the work that Hana did and still does.

(Fortunately, you kind of made up for this in the recent scene where Hana demonstrates her Crazy Organized Vaguely-Creepy Books on every single member of the student body, thus demonstrating her competence and such, but also I feel this is possibly going overboard, fortunately we're not really going for realistic here.)

And that's all the complaints. Everything else I loved! I loved BOTH incarnations of Izumi and BOTH incarnations of Chiba (Okay, Izumi is like the perfect person because not only while Izumi, Hana, AND Daichi are badass, only Izumi and Hana are SECRETLY badass, and Izumi actually gets good grades, so that means he trumps them all, and the only reason I like Hana better is because she is a girl and so when she secretly knows how to kick people's ass, it is WAY more unexpected, and WAY more out of the blue, and WAY more awesome; also I am always inclined to like female character better.), like I love the manga and the drama versions for separate reasons. I also love Rinka, of course, but I feel the manga-version of her and the drama-version of her aren't quite so different, but I was kind of reading the manga AND watching the drama at the same time, so the time frames of both kind of confuse me.

And while normally, I don't post recaps/reviews of things because I ... don't like putting my opinion out there or something, (not really sure) this manga/drama was so amazing I HAD to gush somewhere.


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