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During the course of my time on the Internet, I've written 45 stories at 305,912 words under one profile, 21 stories at 38,521 words under a different profile, 7 one-shots and 3 WIPs at Fictionalley, a selection of all these stories up at my AO3 account, and of course dribs and drabbles that I've put up in my livejournal.

While consolidating my fanfic is too painful and impossible (especially as I want nothing to do with re-archiving and thus reliving some of my older and less well-written stuff), I feel the least I can do is put some sort of Guide to where you can find my fanfiction.

My best fanfics are on AO3. The fanfics there are the ones I am not ashamed of, and also tend to be the best drafts. (Some of the differences between the version on AO3 and the versions on are just a few spelling/grammar corrections; sometimes it's more significantly different.) (Of late, I'm not completely satisfied with the quality of all the fics I have here, either, but I'm working on it.)

You can also find all of my recent writing (within the last 4-5 years, I'd say) on livejournal. These aren't always the most polished drafts -- and I usually won't edit a post to correct the spelling/grammar mistakes I notice, while I will do so for my AO3 versions. Looking here, however, you'll find the abandoned WIPs and scraps of thought that you won't find anywhere else.

I have two different profiles.

A. Lee is my older profile. Anything published before 2007 is not well-written, and the stuff published circa 2002 is of extremely low quality. I think there's one or two fanfics of Extreme Crappiness that I ended up deleting. Most of the rest of it I didn't, however, because I believe in recording my shame for all posterity, because that poorly-written stuff (eventually) led to me at the level I am today. There are actually some popular unfinished fanfics on there, but the writing level is poor and the plot is poorly-constructed and planned-out (aka I have no idea what to write next), that they are on permanent hiatus even though I plan on revising and finishing them all at some point in the far future. Nevertheless, there are some stories here that I'm proud of, and even the ones I'm not proud of still seem to get the occasional positive review, so there must be some sort of audience for them.

(I would also like to take this opportunity to issues the disclaimer that the most blatant Mary-Sue story in there, "Avilla Wood", I only wrote 2 chapters of before I got bored of, and the ONLY reason I started writing that fic in the first place was because I was trying to write a fanfic that incorporated my SAT words so as to help me commit them to memory ...)

Marie Suzette is my newer profile. By which I mean I set it up in 2006 because I wanted to publish fanfic whose reputation I didn't want tarnished by the presence of older fic. I was also trying to be clever -- the whole "Marie Suzette" thing was me stating that I didn't care about Mary Sues, this account would be for me to have fun with female characters, original or otherwise. Some of the stuff on this account does not hold up over time, but I'm proud of most of it.

I currently post fanfics to either account depending on fandom. There are some fanfics that I really liked that I published to my older account because I wanted to draw in my older fans who had me alert-ed. (What can I say? I crave validation.) Whereas my Vorkosigan stuff, for example, which I consider a more intellectual fandom, you'll find on Marie Suzette.

Actually, if you exclude the Vorkosigan fic from the sample size, all my stuff on Marie Suzette is pretty thematic -- they feature female characters in lights that some might consider Mary-Sue-y.

I've culled what I consider the best of both my fics for my AO3 archive, for what it's worth -- AO3 is my attempt to consolidate my fanfic.

Finally, a SUPER long time ago, I wrote fanfic for Fictionalley. Schnoogle has my novel-length AU Harry Potter set in Qing-dynasty China (yeah ...), Astronomy Tower has my epic Lily/James romance, The Dark Arts and Ridikkulus between them split a series of one-shots ("Memoirs of a Pureblood" & "Memoirs of a Muggleborn"; "Ramblings of a Hufflepuff" & ditto for all the houses").

These were all pretty old, the writing quality is mediocre-to-awful across the board, and these are probably most doomed to stay in WIP-land forever. I sometimes even forget I ever had a Fictionalley account in the first place (probably in part because the fic-upload method, at least last I used it, was super inefficient).

I also have a fictionpress profile I haven't looked at in ages; it's all stuff dating from 2002, so I'd guess the lot of it can be summed up as mediocre writing and below-average plotting/pacing.


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