Mar. 2nd, 2017

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I'm not dead! And I haven't left Livejournal yet, I'm still checking my flist religiously, I promise, even if I'm entirely lurking.

At some point, I'm probably going to need to log into my Dreamwidth account for the first time in ages and figure out who everyone is on Dreamwidth and how to add them since it seems like people who held out on LJ through everything else have been evacuating one by one. I'm a pro at procrastinating, though, so I'll do that later ...

So anyways, I've vaguely formed a New Year's Resolution (formed in February, so let's call it a CNY Resolution) that since I read an awful lot of books (I read over 400 last year!), I should really write up reviews of them, especially the ones I like, especially since a good 60-70% of my reading list comes from recommendations from others. (If you write up book recs on your LJ, I add them to my list of books to read!) (I especially keep on meaning to write up reviews for the books I read for the #WOCinRomanceBookClub since I SUPER SUPER LOVED some of them.) Unfortunately, I'm a pro at procrastinating, so this hasn't happened yet, but since I recently read The Hanging Tree and then read some snatches of meta on tumblr, I've started a reread of all the Rivers of London books and have ~thoughts~ and figured what better way to jumpstart my attempt to write more reviews (I think I'm going to try to write 12 reviews this year, averaging one a month) by doing a thoughtdump on my reread.

My Thoughts On Rereading Midnight Riot, Spoilers Through The Hanging Tree )


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